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So, if you don’t know, I am obsessed with Alice In Wonderland. My son would’ve been named Alice if he was a girl. I am really obsessed with that movie/book.

Since we are going on a trip in a couple of weeks, I was looking at under “Disney Cars” because Baby Boy is obsessed with it. I was really looking for the brand of his favorite straw cup so I could maybe order them (it’s First Years btw) in a different style (IE: Mickey or Jake).

But one thing totally caught my eye: Disney Saunter Luxe Travel System – Alice In Wonderland. Yep, you saw that right, Alice In Wonderland. It is so cute!!!

But I told Geoffrey that I didn’t want to deal with a travel system when I will also have a preschooler (when we are planning the next baby, when Samson is about 3 years old). So we agreed on just using a sling when out and about and automatically have a convertible car seat.

But, if I have a girl, she will be getting this set. I will have to double-check on if it’s available then (and on how good the set actually is) but I think it is something is definitely feasible. If only there was more available in this print. Geoffrey won’t like it but I definitely will, when it’s all over her nursery (which will be in her own room, not ours).

I was not compensated for anything or any links in this post. This is just showing how I really should stop shopping on the internet. 😉

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