Dapper Day Stroller

I am all about “vintage” items. I loved shopping at thrift stores to find “new” clothes to wear. I love the style about how simple everything was. And how it was so stylish to be modest! It’s hard to find that nowadays.

One of my favorite days is Dapper Day. It is a day at the Disney Parks when you dress as people would have originally done when the parks, especially Disneyland, originally opened. Most people that do this are young people but I know that I would do it if I could get to a Park for it. I would totally dress the baby in knickers.

Strollers are even something to fall into this category. You don’t want an old stroller that you can’t fully restore in time (or the funds to do this or the connections), but you also don’t to have a vintage outfit ruined with a modern stroller.

In honor of Maclaren’s 50th anniversary, they released an updated version of the original stroller that changed the way moms pushed their babies forever. It is the B-01 and it has updated structure but the vintage look that would perfect for your Dapper Day.

Even when you are a young mom, you want to participate in fun activities too, but you still have to push the baby somehow, especially with all of their gear. This is the perfect stroller, especially if you have a toddler that still needs some help with long days in the Parks.

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Travel Tuesday: Little Passports

*Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by Little Passports. All opinions are still mine. If you sign-up using the link below, I do get a percentage.*

Little Man loves to explore so much. He has been to California twice now, Dallas once, Austin once, and all over San Antonio! We love watching movies and videos about different parts of the world, and even have a Mickey Mouse video on different parts of the world. Travel is such a huge part of our life, even if we can’t always do it. It is always nice to teach them early about it.

During all of my searches, one thing keeps coming up every time I try to find travel activities is Little Passports. I have seen so monthly subscriptions for just about everything, but this one is so different!

There are three different Editions: Early Explorers, World, and USA.

  • Early Explorers is best for ages 3-5 years old. It is a wonderful edition for those little ones. The first package month includes the orange travel case; world map; activity booklet; luggage tag; and stickers. That is just the first month! Each month after that, you get an activity booklet, souvenirs, flashlight activities, and more stickers! A lot and it comes each month with even more to learn!
  • World Edition is best for ages 6-10 years old. It is for those explorers that want to know the world. The first month includes the signature blue travel case; your own passport to document your travels; world map; welcome letter from Sam & Sophia, new pen pals for your explorer; stickers, photos, and activity sheet; and online access to games. Just the perfect thing you need to get your explorer started! Each month afterward, your child gets fun souvenirs; activity sheets; letters from Sam & Sophia; stickers for your passport, suitcase, and map; photos from around the world; and access to more online games.
  • USA Edition is best for ages 7-12 year old. This one is all about the United States of America. The first month includes USA field guide; USA scratch book; USA map; welcome letter from Sam & Sophia, new pen pals for your explorer; and your explorer even gets their own disposable camera and photo scavenger hunt! This sounds so cool, I want it! For each month afterward, your explorer receives an activity packed State Journal; stickers and postcards; pop-out models; and online activities for two states.

Little Passports is not like something I have seen before. Your little explorers will have so much fun and delight not knowing where they are exploring the next month! Even if your family cannot explore the world themselves, it will help your little explorer understand the world better. You could even turn the activities into Homeschooling activities, into family activities, or anything you can think of!

This is such a unique opportunity for your little ones.  I wouldn’t miss this opportunity, if I were you.

If your child would love to learn all about the world, it is never too early to teach them. This is the perfect box for that little explorer in your life.

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Travel Tuesday: Planning Theme Park Trips with a Toddler

We are leaving on Thursday night for California. It is going to be a long trip and we will arrive Friday night. Airplane prices were out of the question this time.

This time we are going for family. We have a family wedding to go to. We were going to go to Disneyland (for the baby’s first time!) to do Dapper Day but we realized that it was on the weekend and I just don’t do crowds well.

But, we do have at least one day planned for San Francisco and another Planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain!

I work at another Six Flags and let me tell you, it is nice to go another one. I have already checked out the dates, hours, and ride heights.

Since my son is just under 36″, it is very important to see what rides he can go on before we get there to get an idea. Of course, I will stopping by their Guest Relations/Hospitality and get his height checked. He might have grown that Magical inch. That can make all the difference between 10 rides and 20 rides.

Why do I take my Toddler if he can’t ride as many rides?

Because he loves the few rides he can ride. I don’t take him on rides that I know he can’t go on. I don’t “tease” him by saying “Oh, sorry. Mommy can’t ride that but you can’t because you’re short.”

I do tell him, let’s check out this ride. We also choose to ride rides together or wait on the other to ride with him. It makes him feel included, even if we skip “big” rides. There will be one day where he can’t ride “kiddie” rides anymore, and until that happens, he will ride all the ones he can.

I believe Theme Parks are important because it teaches kids that waiting will be met for rewards, fun, and of course, that they can get their energy out without getting into trouble.

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Buycostumes.com – 15% off!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I cannot believe Halloween is less than two months away!

Do you know what you are going as this year? I know this can be a conundrum. I know one place that can help you, no matter what your choice is!

BuyCostumes has just about any costume you can think of,  from Avengers to Star Wars, to the good ol’ classics like pirates and vampires! On top of that, they’re offering 15% off, no minimum with coupon code AFCBC15. Can you believe that? 15% off? Sounds like a good deal.

So don’t wait, Halloween will be here before you know it (that’s when this code is good until 10/31).

Halloween is my favorite time of year. And BuyCostumes can help it become yours too!

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Halloween is Around the Corner!

Some people might think, it’s barely September and school just started. I have plenty of time for Halloween.

But I am different from those people. I love Halloween! It is something I am always thinking about. It is a time that I can dress up as who I really want am and no one can judge me. 😉

You really only get one chance every year to pick a costume/theme. But there are so many options. How do you choose?

Well, pick something that you (or your kids) like. I mean really like. Not something you will settle with. Because the more you are in love with your costume/theme, the more work you are willing to put into it. If your kids are old enough, let them have a say in it. If they like their costume, they will wear it all the time!

Try to go used (thrift store, consignment sales, friends) to save money. You can also alter other articles of clothing to make your own costume!

If you can sew, find a pattern that you like. Make sure it is one that is within your sewing capabilities.


Most importantly, have fun! You might even like your costumes so much, you want to wear them year after year!

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