My Baby Has Grown Up!


My computer decided it hated me so all of my precious videos and pictures got deleted which I am thinking was because of the little boy because he likes to get into trouble. And since then, I have been off of my computer because I do not want to save anything else and I wish I had taken more pictures in California on my phone.

Samson is growing up so much more and more each day! He is growing up so much! He is now 34″ with shoes (almost to the Golden 36″ theme park height) and 26 lbs. He is still rearfacing in his Evenflo Triumph and Evenflo Sureride. He will remained rearfacing until Mommy feels safe facing him forward. He is not complaining!

He went to his first ever Vacation Bible School (VBS). A local church allowed 2 year olds and it really was nice to have him in a setting with other kids away from Mommy even if it was only for 3 hours. By the end of the week, he walked in, handed his sippy to his teacher, took off his backpack, and went to play! He had it down by the end of the week.

He is also fully potty trained! We ran out of diapers 2 weeks ago and so we stayed in the house for two days working on his potty training. He kept asking for a diaper and even went over to the box where we had his trainers and I told him the truth. He didn’t believe me until he saw the empty box.

And then we went out in underwear and he did wonderful! I am so grateful for nice people! Somebody had given us 20 pairs of briefs for free and Geoffrey’s sister got him boxer briefs. He is still small and they are big on him, but he loves his big boy underwear. We also got 2 more pair when someone else gave us free clothes. It is such a huge blessing!

He went 5 days, 3 hours a day at VBS with no trouble. I just cannot believe my little boy is growing up before my very eyes. It feels so weird that he is so big and still my little boy. He will always be my little boy but he is growing into a little man more and more each day.

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Potty Training in Public Restrooms – 5 W’s and 1 H

We have been slowly potty training Samson for about a year. It was basically Elimination Communication with early potty training/learning but he still wore diapers especially when out and about because he hated to sit on the regular potty without an insert or anything.

So, I have devised a list of things that we use when out and about. It isn’t long, but it did really make a difference in training him outside of the house, including pooping in public!

1) Who? Geoffrey has tried to take Samson potty before but it is not as successful as when Samson is with me. I guess Mommy helps make him feel better and we are usually out together. (But I do admit that I really don’t like public restrooms.)

2) Where? This is more complicated than you think. You may think that any where that you can will work. But some situations require more complicated planning.

I usually either take Samson into the handicap stall where I can bring his stroller in or the family restroom if it is available. It offers more room and I have place to put things as we are using the restroom, including him.

3) What? What do we use to make him actually want to go? We bought a portable potty for him because we use a potty insert at home and it has made a world of difference. We use the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus because it was recommended to me by many moms.

It is really cool because you can use as a portable potty insert and also a portable potty by itself. This has made a world of difference for us!

I recently saw a blog post at CarSeat Blog about this car seat: Pack ‘n Potty Travel Potty Seat and I think it will be next on my list!

4) When? I try to do it about every hour or so, about when I would use the restroom. Usually after we eat or before also helps because then he can wash his hands and he drinks a lot while we have a meal!

5) Why? Why so much “stuff”? Because I want it to be most like home. It makes him feel more comfortable. It also helps makes my job easier because once he is on the potty, he doesn’t need my help, just to get off. It makes our lives better because potty training is a lot of work!

6) How? I do not do rewards but I do make it more like home. I include his potty, take off his underwear (or training pants), pants, and shoes. But I also do include a book because that way he has something to do. He has books at home and the books can be about anything. I bought his book at the Target Dollar Stop and it is only for going potty in public. We also love mini “Find Me” books because it has lots of pictures for him to look at.

Do you have any suggestions for potty training in Public Restrooms?

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Life Is Crazy

Life is not always what you expect it to be. Sometimes you just wish there was a road map to tell what is going to happen next. But there isn’t. We don’t know whats going to happen in the next minute let alone the next year. We can always plan things but it’s not always how it works out.

That is exactly what is going on right now. Trying to finish out this semester without going insane; dealing with depression and anxiety; still unpacking and organizing everything in the new place we moved to last month; computer force shutting down every time it gets unplugged; and trying to figure out what I want for dinner every night.

I know I have been absent from here for far too long but life is crazy. I have videos to edit and lots of pictures of blogger events. I wish I had gotten more from the Baby and Mama Expo this weekend but I do win the prize. I need to do a review of my carriers, along with my favorite stroller ever, my Baby Jogger GT.

If you have any suggestions or anything you would like to see in the future please let me know! If you have a product you want me to check out, I will do my best. I am wanting to get a specific swimsuit and a personal AC unit (names not revealed yet) for all of us as it is probably going to be a scorcher this year!

Thank you for being patient with me.

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He is Now 2


It is so scary to think that my son is now two years old. His birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he so grown up! He says yes and no and knows exactly what he wants. He sleeps in his own bed and will walk most of the time, but not usually holding Mommy’s hand unless Daddy is there too because he likes to swing. He knows the routine of our day and is a helpful little boy.

He also has a slight case of OCD. He doesn’t like doors that don’t need to be open, or the opposite. He also has to make sure that all dishes have to be in the sink. He is so smart and so sweet.

He doesn’t quite talk full sentences and has other ways to express what he wants, but still throws lots of tantrums because of miscommunication. We are still working on it but it is a slow process.

His favorite shows are Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, and Blaze and the Monster Machines. He still loves Cars but we don’t have Disney channel, only Nickelodeon.

He is very active and loves the Truck Mommy bought him for Christmas. He has an active imagination and his mind is always turning.

He knows exactly what to do when its time to get dressed, including bringing even us our shoes. And he gets mad if we don’t wear the shoes he wants us too.

He is very opinionated and does not care who hears. He wants it done his way.

He has also started sleeping in his own crib, for the whole night! At first, it was a couple of hours, now it’s all night! He is growing up to be such a good boy.

He still wears between 12-18 months and can wear up to 24 month shirts. He is lean. He is about 25 lbs and 31 in. Small boy, but the biggest personality you will find. He needs to be heard and makes sure you know it!

We are potty training which is a long journey for us. He does wear underwear sometimes and it makes look so grown up.

He drinks from a straw cup and loves his milk! His favorite cup is his Thermos. I need to buy more of those because it’s nice for out and about.


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Project Pomona Pants (And a Giveaway!)


It Could Be Love…2015

When we cloth diapered, it was hard to put regular pants over them because the diaper was so much more fluffy than regular disposable diapers. It was so hard to find pants that would fit him and not grow out of quickly. He is one size in the waist and another in the length.

Project Pomona is just that. They are pants that grow with your kid, up and out! They have adjustable waists and cute designs on the inside of most of their pants so you can roll it up and it actually be cute!

Well, I have teamed up with Project Pomona to offer you our first official giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Project Pomona. However, all opinions are mine.

Here is what you got in store for you:

Project Pomona: $100 Gift Card to Project Pomona

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot: $50.00 Gift Certificate (Free Shipping Can/USA)

Funky Fluff: Cloth Diaper in winners choice of fabric and print/color ($20.99 – $22.99)

Cotton Babies: 2 bumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers – solid colors only, 1 bumGenius Outing Wet Bag ($48.85)

Spray Pal: 1 Spray Pal Splatter Shield ($25)

Shop Teenie Greenies: (1) Ju-Ju-Be BFF in either Tokidoki The King’s Court print or Hello Kitty Tick Tock print ($170)

Logan and Lenora: Mini Wet Bag in ZOOM ($19.50)

BabyKicks: Premium Pocket Diaper in Snaps ($21.50)

BALM! Baby: “Baby Lover’s Bundle” 1 BALM! Baby Butter, 1 BALM! Baby Fresh out of the Tub Baby Wash & Shampoo, 1 Taylor’s Spritz Rose Room & Body Freshner.

Momme Meals: 4 Delicious Bags of Go Chews ($40)

Geffen Baby: 1 Hemp Fleece Fladdle (flat/swaddle) ($11.99)

Gro-Via: 1 GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Snap Shell in choice of Topaz or Lotus, 1 GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper 2-Pack of No-Prep Soaker Pads ($51)

GEN-Y Diapers: Next GEN Universal Cover, Size Large, Sucker Punch Print ($21.99)

Smart Bottoms: 3.1 All-in-One Diaper, Winner’s Choice ($25)

Thirsties: One Size All in One Diaper ($19.75)

Little Things Collective: Diaper Dawgs Spray Collar ($14.95)

Forever Gingerbread: 1 Large Forever Gingerbread house ($50)

Tushie Ties: 3 Pack of One Size Bamboo Velour Cloth Diapers ($45)

Boingo: Starter Pack: 4 Sets of Boingo’s, 6 EcoMax OS Prefolds ($85)

REcreate Designs: 1 Pair of Fancy Pants ($26)

Drop Everything: Young Living Premium Starter Kit: Home Diffuser, 10 Everyday Oils Kit: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Melaleuca (tea tree), PanAway blend, Purification blend, Thieves blend, Joy blend, and Stress Away blend…and more ($300)

That is over $1150 in prizes!

Good luck!

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